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Your local Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service in Flower Mound offers honesty, reliability, and expert tire service—it’s all here. Whether you need a new set of tires or tire repairs, the professionals at our tire shop can provide you with everything your vehicle needs and beyond.

Routine Tire Maintenance Is Our Specialty 

Everyone's tires will wear out in time. If yours are wearing out much sooner than you expected, come to Driver’s Edge and we can restore them back to new or replace them, if necessary. Before issues with your tires begin, routine inspections can truly make a difference. At Driver’s Edge, our tire specialists will:

  • Check the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Rotate the tires
  • Balance the wheels
  • Repair or replace the tires
  • Inspect wheel bearings
  • Check tire tread for unusual wear

Commonly, it is recommended that tires on your vehicles are inspected every 5,000 miles. Following this guideline could help prevent dangerous blow-outs on the highway and even save you money. 

During your visit, our tire specialists can also advise you if the recommended schedule is right for your tires and your driving habits. Routine tire maintenance in conjunction with avoiding sudden stops and starts and driving over debris in the road, can help you extend the life of your tires. Hazardous road conditions and extreme heat in the area may also affect the life of a tire. To be safe, we suggest checking your tire’s warranty to learn about your coverage, because you never know when there will be trouble on the road.

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Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace 

Have a flat tire? Your first thought may be to replace it, but there’s a chance that it can be repaired, instead. Here are some standard guidelines for fixing a damaged tire versus replacing it.

A tire can be safely repaired under the following circumstances:

  • If the damage is a puncture of  ¼ inch or less in diameter 
  • If the puncture is in the tire tread
  • If there are several punctures in a small area of the tread

In contrast, a tire must be replaced if:

  • There is a separation in the tread 
  • There is a puncture in the sidewall
  • There are multiple punctures over a larger area of the tire

Tire Replacement Is Our Specialty

With the assortment of tires available at Driver’s Edge, it can be easy to get confused. Our tire shop carries an extensive selection of tires, and with the help of our tire specialists, you can choose from leading brands and find the perfect tires for your vehicle at the perfect price.

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Saves Time and Money With Our Concierge Service 

Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to spend it waiting to have your tire rotation service completed, or your new tires to be put on the car. If you’re pressed for time, our complimentary Concierge Service is the answer!

We come to your home or office and pick up your vehicle if it is within three miles of our shop. To ensure your family’s health and safety, we’ll also sanitize and clean your vehicle before returning it.  

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Flower Mound Tire Shop FAQs

Does Driver’s Edge Offer Specials?

Absolutely! As you begin the process of choosing new tires, check our rebates and tire discounts frequently. We maintain strong ties to all major tire manufacturers, so Driver’s Edge in Flower Mound offers the best prices in the area. Plus, we will beat any local tire store’s advertised prices. And since tire problems often happen unexpectedly, we offer financing options too!

How Does Tire Rotation Help My Car’s Tires?

All tires wear differently. If each tire stays on the same wheel assembly, its wear will worsen quickly. By rotating the tires on a regular basis, this normal wear is being distributed evenly, enabling the tires to last as long as possible. Tire rotation helps you get the most value from your tire purchase.

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Is Tire Alignment The Same Thing As Tire Balancing?

They are actually two different—but both important—services. Tire alignment means the tires are riding at the proper angle, with the wheels facing straight ahead. Tire balancing ensures that the wheel assembly for each wheel is spinning smoothly at any speed.

A car that is aligned properly with all balanced wheels will give you the smoothest possible ride as well as the best gas mileage.

What If I Only Need One Tire? Must It Match The Other Three?

All four tires on a car should match. Each tire rides differently on the road and when you buy one new tire, the other three will already have worn spots. This can result in instability as the tires turn on the road’s surface.

The reality, though, is that sometimes it is necessary to purchase less than four tires. If possible, buy two tires and ask the Driver’s Edge staff where the best placement is to ensure a stable ride.

How Do I Know Which Tires To Buy For My Vehicle?

You have a number of helpful resources in choosing new tires: your owner’s manual, our online tire selector, and the advice and assistance of our professional tire specialists. Each of these resources will guide you in how to take factors like your driving habits and needs, climate, and budget into consideration. Driver’s Edge in Flower Mound can help you with the purchase of new tires and then help you maintain them afterwards.

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When Should I Start Looking For New Tires?

Don’t wait until one or more of your tires fails. If you keep up with regular preventative tire maintenance, our tire specialists will inform you of potential problems when we have your car for any kind of service.

Inspect your tires yourself regularly: Do you see unusual or deep wear spots, or objects embedded in the tire? Pay attention to how the tires ride: Do you feel new or unusual vibrations, especially when you speed up on the road?

Take action right away when you notice any of these indications of a problem. Make an appointment in our tire shop at Driver’s Edge in Flower Mound.