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Do a search for Plano tires and you are sure to find your way to Driver’s Edge Complete Tires & Auto Service! We offer:

  • A strong reputation: Ask your friends, family, and coworkers about Driver’s Edge. Check reviews, too!
  • Qualified employees: All the mechanics working at Driver’s Edge are ASE-certified.
  • A thorough tire selection: Whether you need all-season, summer, or even winter tires, your Plano tire shop at Driver’s Edge can provide the tires you’re looking for.

Our Plano auto shop delivers all these benefits and more to our customers in our tire stores. Because of this, we are well known as the number one destination for tire-related needs in the area.

Preventative Car Maintenance and Your Tires

Here are some preventative actions to keep your tires in good condition:

  • Keep the tires properly inflated. Many newer cars are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that alerts you when a tire is low on air. Older vehicles, however, need the tires checked manually with a tire pressure gauge. Check your tires’ air pressure, including the spare, at least monthly. If one of your tires has low air pressure, put more air in it yourself or take it to the closest Driver’s Edge to have it inflated right away.

Properly inflated tires will also provide you with optimum gas mileage.

  • Check for air leaks from the valve stems on your tires. Leaks can easily occur, even from something as small as a particle of dirt on the valve. The valve stems can also become weaker over time and then cracks can emerge. These cracks can cause air leaks, too.
  • Walk around your car every week. Do this to check the tread and sidewalls of your tires. Look for objects stuck in the tires, dry rot or cracks, or areas that seem unusually worn.

Tire Services in Plano, TX at Driver’s Edge

We offer a full range of tire repairs and services in Plano, TX. Check our coupons and tire discounts, too!

Tire Balancing

Balancing the tires means adjusting them to an equal weight to avoid severe tire wear. Our tire technicians have access to the latest specialized equipment to balance your tires.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is different to tire balancing. Tires wear differently on each wheel assembly, so the tires need to be moved from one wheel to another to even out the wear.

Tire Repair

If you have a flat tire or the tire has some other damage, come to Driver’s Edge to ensure it is repaired properly. The tire will have to be removed from the wheel to check for damage inside the tire, too. Depending on what our experts find inside the tire, it might prove repairable. Or, if there is damage inside, the tire will need to be replaced. We can help you in this decision-making process.

Tire Replacement

If a tire is badly damaged and can’t be repaired, we will help you find a high-quality, affordable set of replacement tires.

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Plano Tire Repair Shop FAQ

Why should I choose your Plano tire repair shop?

In Plano, TX, and the surrounding area, people need a tire shop that can do anything—from helping them fix a flat tire to taking care of maintenance services like tire rotation and balancing. You shouldn’t have to visit different shops to get quick tire repairs, regular maintenance, and new tires.

To take care of all your Texas tire needs at the same location, schedule an appointment at Driver’s Edge in Plano. We work with ASE-certified mechanics who are more than capable of providing reliable tire repair and maintenance services. If your tires are too worn to fix, we’ll also help you find the right replacement tires for your vehicle. Along with all of this, you’ll get an excellent tire discount in the form of online coupons and the best customer service available for miles around.

What tire services can Driver’s Edge provide?

Whatever tire-related tasks you need to take care of in Plano, the team at Driver’s Edge can complete them for you. Pick us when you’re in search of:

  • Tire balancing
  • Tire alignment
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire inflation
  • Tire repair

On top of that, we can guide you through the process of buying and installing new tires.

What makes tire rotation so important?

Tire rotation may not be the most well-known auto maintenance task among Texas drivers, but it’s an essential part of keeping your car in ideal condition. This job is deceptively simple; the mechanics at our tire repair shop will move your tires from their current location to another position on your vehicle. That sounds easy enough, but you’ll need to follow the correct rotation pattern for your car to reap the benefits of tire rotation (such as better handling and improved tire lifespans). It’s wise to take care of this service during oil changes, or every 3,000–7,000 miles.

Is there a difference between tire balancing and tire rotation?

Though they sound similar at first glance, these are two completely different elements of tire maintenance. Tire balancing deals with the weight of your tires; in this task, our team members will test the weight of your tires and install small weights to ensure they are equally heavy. However, tire rotation focuses on the position of your tires on your vehicle.

How often should I buy new tires?

If you’re wondering how to test the lifespan of your tires, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s an easy way to do this—just check their treads! The grooves in your tires come with tread wear bars, which you can only see after they wear out significantly. If you can see these bars, be ready to shop for new tires soon.

That said, you might need new tires for reasons other than tire wear. For example, severe tire damage could affect your wheels to the point where replacing them makes more sense than attempting a repair. If your tire damage involves bulges, scallops, scratches, or blisters, there’s a good chance that your tires need replacement. Meanwhile, old tires are at risk of cracking even if they aren’t damaged, so you should also replace them before this happens.