Maintaining Your Honda

Take Care of your Honda

The Honda brand has been one of the most popular and best-selling vehicle brands over the past 25 years. This success can be attributed to many things such as vehicle styling, high resale value, low cost of ownership, and most importantly reliability.

With continued regular maintenance on your vehicle, you can expect longer vehicle life and continued reliability by keeping up with your Honda maintenance schedule. Many Honda vehicles can run well over 200,000 miles with the proper care and maintenance. Regular service and maintenance intervals can prevent breakdowns and minimize unplanned and costly repairs.

Inside your Honda owner’s manual you will find your “Maintenance Minder.” This is a chart with details the suggested service schedule for your auto.

Your Honda vehicle also has a corresponding built in service schedule programmed into the on-board computer system. Each service item has an assigned symbol that will light up your dash reminding you to have your vehicle serviced.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance of Your Honda

When it comes to maintaining your Honda vehicle, there are the service intervals to follow.

Every 5,000 miles you should have your oil and filter changed, fluid levels checked and topped off, and tires rotated. While your car is on the lift, you should also have your front and rear brakes inspected, the suspension and exhaust system inspected, and all hoses and connections inspected as well. With each oil change you can monitor these vital components of your vehicle and catch any early wear and tear signs before they become problematic.

The 3,000 mile oil change and systems inspections will go a long way in the preventative maintenance of your Honda vehicle and allow you to stay ahead of any potential repairs down the road.

Every 30,000 miles you should have your engine’s spark plugs replaced, air cleaner element (Found inside the air cleaner housing), and your drive belts inspected or replaced if needed.

Every 45,000 miles you should have your engine coolant and brake fluid flushed and replaced.

Every 60,000 miles you should have your spark plugs replaced and drive belts inspected and replaced if necessary.

At 90,000 miles you should have your brake fluid and engine coolant flushed and replaced, have the air cleaner element replaced, replace spark plugs, inspect and replace drive belts if needed, change out transmission fluid.

At 100,000 miles you should have the water pump replaced and the idle speed inspected.

By following the Honda Maintenance Minder suggested maintenance schedule you can rest assured that your Honda will run for a long time. If you take care of your car, it will take of you and continue to run reliably.