Car Battery Replacement & Installation

Does Your Vehicle Need A New Battery?

A dead battery can ruin your day. The good news is that is super easy for the mechanics at Driver’s Edge to quickly replace your battery and have you back on the road.

Driver’s Edge is proud to be an ACDelco battery shop.

Changing the battery on a newer car can be slightly more complicated and make it difficult for a car owner to change it. Sometimes just locating the battery is a challenge for some car owners. It used to be so easy, now the battery can be encased, under a seat or just hidden in plain sight.

Contact Driver’s Edge if your vehicle displays any of these signs:

  • Dim headlights
  • Slow engines
  • Jump start fails
  • Clicking noise when you try to start the vehicle
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Burning rubber smell

The signs above may be indicators that there is an issue with the battery or charging system. If you have any question that your battery may be failing, bring your car into any Driver’s Edge location and we’ll take a look for you.

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