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If you are searching for auto repair in Plano, come to Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service

Driver’s Edge continues to serve the automotive needs of customers throughout the area. We offer highly qualified ASE-certified mechanics, outstanding customer service, and competitive prices at all our locations. Whether you need an oil change service, a tire repaired, repairs on your car’s AC, brakes repaired, or transmission serviced, or anything in between, Driver’s Edge is the auto repair shop that can fill the need. “Auto service Plano” means Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service!

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Preventative maintenance helps keep you safely on the road.

Don’t wait until your car breaks down. Our maintenance plans will save you money in the long run and keep your car safely on the road.

Our preventative car maintenance includes periodic 30,000-, 60,000-, and 90,000-mile service appointments that include:

  • To extend the life of your engine, our oil service includes an oil change, lube, and a new filter.
  • All fluids are checked and topped off: coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, battery water, and windshield washer fluid.
  • All filters are inspected: air, fuel, and crankcase breather filters.
  • Harmful corrosion is checked with a cooling system inspection.
  • Belts and hoses are checked for cracking, fraying, or glazing and are adjusted as needed.
  • The inflation pressure in your tires is checked and adjusted as needed. Proper air pressure and front-end alignment are critical to getting the most mileage from your tires. We ensure your tires meet your manufacturer’s recommendations.

We offer free, no-obligation auto repair estimates.

Most car repairs don’t happen at convenient times, and some can break your budget. At Driver’s Edge, you will receive a free quote when you bring the car in and then a written estimate after the technician diagnoses the problem. No work will begin until you’ve had time to go over the details with our service staff and then consider your options.

To help even more with the cost of repairs, we offer the Driver’s Edge credit card. This card is through CreditFirst National Association (CFNA) and includes many money-saving features. Apply online here!

Our engine work has a warranty.

Engine work must be done right the first time. Whether it is an engine repair, rebuild, or replacement, our mechanics have the training and experience you can count on. Driver’s Edge mechanics stand behind their work with our three-year/30,000-mile engine warranty.

Coupons and specials are available every day.

Choosing Driver’s Edge as your auto repair shop is made even more affordable with special offers and coupons available on our website. We offer savings on tires, oil and filter changes, brakes, alignments and rotations, and more. Sign up on our coupon page today for exclusive offers sent to your email address.

Our locations are official state vehicle inspection stations.

Most vehicles in Texas are required to have an annual inspection, and we can keep your vehicle legal. We offer comprehensive safety inspections and, if required, an emissions test. Motorcycles and diesel-powered vehicles don’t need an emissions test but still must have an annual comprehensive safety inspection.

Contact us to schedule your Texas State Car Inspections & Emissions Test at your Plano Driver’s Edge.

Plano Auto Repair FAQs

Where can I get Plano auto repair?

When they need high-quality auto service, Plano residents pick Driver’s Edge for the maintenance and repair services they’re looking for. We’ve been hard at work in this part of Texas for well over a decade, and all of our locations offer the same high-quality service and ASE-certified technicians. And for added convenience, we can pick up and drop off your vehicle through our concierge program. If you’re looking for the very best auto shops in Plano, you’ve found them!

Can I do my own car maintenance?

While you may be able to ignore your need for auto service for a while, this will eventually lead to severe consequences. However, many Plano-area drivers assume they can take care of their own auto maintenance needs. And while tasks like filling your tires with air or changing your windshield wipers are straightforward enough, that’s not the case for most auto repair jobs. For example, changing oil is a relatively “easy” part of car maintenance, but that doesn’t mean the average person could do it.

Because of this, most people should leave their auto service needs to professionals. Reach out to our Plano location whenever your car needs attention—we’ll take care of it immediately and give you a highly competitive rate!

What car repair and maintenance services do you offer?

Driver’s Edge is proud to offer all kinds of services at our auto shops in Plano and beyond. Choose us to handle all these tasks and many others:

How should I respond when my car overheats?

If you’re driving in Plano and notice that your car is beginning to overheat, your number-one priority should be to stay calm and find somewhere to pull over safely. Once you’ve stopped, don’t try to drive your car again anytime soon—operating an overheating vehicle can seriously damage your engine. Instead of taking this risk, give Driver’s Edge a call to schedule repair services.

When my “check engine” light turns on, what should I do?

A car’s “check engine” light means your vehicle needs attention, but it doesn’t provide much more information than that on its own. Just about any car problem can activate this light, so it’s not something you can just avoid dealing with. Instead, set up an appointment at our Plano shop as soon as your “check engine” light turns on. Our certified technicians will have no trouble solving your issue.

How can I save on car repair and other types of auto service?

Plano residents, and people living anywhere else in our service area, can take advantage of the Driver’s Edge selection of online coupons. These coupons change regularly, so act fast if you see one you want to use!

How can I set up an appointment for Plano auto repair?

Scheduling appointments at Driver’s Edge is easy! Just fill out the Driver’s Edge online scheduling form or call us at (844) 564-8111.

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