Should I Go To A Dallas Auto Repair Shop or Dealership?

Auto Repair Shop

You need a vehicle to meet your responsibilities at work, with your family, and for travel. With all those needs also come the ongoing upkeep of the car, which takes time and money. What is the best way to stretch your budget to meet all those needs and still keep your vehicle in good condition? 

A dealership is one choice, especially when many drivers believe they must go there to keep their auto warranty in effect. Another option is a Dallas auto repair shop that can offer a few advantages that can not be found at a dealership. Let’s take a look at the advantages in more detail.

Service and Relationships Matter

Your vehicle is a large investment. At an auto repair shop, you can (and should) meet the auto mechanic who will be working on that investment. Our Dallas auto shop will maintain a history of the work done on your car just like a dealership does. However, you will not have access to the mechanic working on your car at a dealership.

At most dealerships, customers are not allowed to look under the hood of the car with the auto mechanic. At Driver’s Edge, our auto mechanics want you to understand the problem and what is needed to fix it.   

That level of accessibility matters and is continued with the service staff at the auto repair shop. They know you, know your needs for your car or truck, and can adapt quickly to what you need on any particular day. 

All of this builds and then strengthens a level of trust that is critical to the customer and the staff over time.

The Auto Mechanic’s Training Matters

You’re probably wondering, are the mechanics well-trained at auto repair shops?

The answer is yes! What many customers don’t know is that many auto repair shops are started by mechanics who were initially trained at dealerships. Some of them then go out on their own and open their independent shops or franchises. They carry their initial manufacturer training with them and then stay current throughout their Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.ASE Certified Tag

This certification includes ongoing, rigorous training that offers information and requires a high level of competence on the latest repair advancements and technology. Customers can be confident in the fact that all ASE-certified mechanics can understand and repair your vehicle accordingly.

The Cost of the Auto Repair Work Matters

Unless your warranty work is done at no cost at the dealership, it is safe to say that you can save hundreds of dollars at a Dallas-Fort Worth auto shop like Driver’s Edge. And if your warranty has expired, the amount saved could be much higher. 

Tires are our business, too, and you will find a large variety of choices at prices lower than what’s offered at a dealership. Plus, the trust you have built up with a repair shop will provide valuable peace of mind, so you can invest hundreds in a new set of tires with confidence. 

Auto Shop Location Matters

Let’s face it. There are hundreds more auto repair shops than dealerships. This is what makes it easier to bring your car to one of the repair shops, especially when it doesn’t start or a tire blows out. Dealerships aren’t designed to deal with emergencies; most of the people in the waiting room have an appointment, so emergencies will have to wait their turn if they can even fit in at all. 

But what about warranty work? Check your warranty and you will most likely find that work can be done at your local Driver’s Edge, too. The mechanics are highly trained and they have access to OEM parts, as well. 

When dealing with a local auto repair shop like Driver’s Edge, we can save you time and money, so it’s a win-win for everyone!