5 Gas-Saving Tips that Will Save You Some Money

man in white shirt and jeans fills car with gasoline pump

It’s always shrewd to conserve natural resources but when it comes to gas, even the most wasteful take note of their expenditures. Since the price for this commodity changes day by day, we can’t really be sure when prices will go up and when they will go down. Sometimes it is incredibly affordable, on other times, the prices are sky high. If you would like to save on your gas, take a look at the tips below.

1. Under Inflated Tires and Unaligned Wheels can Use Up More Gas

Your tires can force your car’s engine to work harder if they are under inflated or when the wheels are poorly aligned. You know what exactly happens when your tires are overworking your engine – it means you’d be using more gas and by extension, would need to buy more of it. Poorly aligned wheels can be seen by checking the tires themselves. If you see uneven tread wear, it is time to visit your nearest repair shop to get the wheels aligned. The alignment should be done by an ASE certified technician.

2. Don’t Keep the Engine Running While Waiting for your Passengers

While it is tempting to not turn off the engine if your passengers say that they’d only be gone for a few minutes, it is important to keep in mind that excessive idling consumes a lot of gas. The next time a family member or a friend says, “Just a second,” just turn off the engine.

3. Less Weight, Better Mileage

Car owners are advised to store only the essentials inside the trunk. If you have to carry a lot of stuff in your car, ensure that you remove them when you no longer need them there.

4. Observe Speed Limits

Speeding can decrease the number of miles you can travel per gallon. If you are always speeding unnecessarily, it’s time to keep this in check. Sudden acceleration can be expensive because this can guzzle gas. If you can, accelerate gradually so you can save on gas.

5. Plan your Trips

Whether you’re traveling far or just going to pick up the kids and do the groceries after, it’s always a good thing to plan your trips. A bit of planning will ensure that you won’t have to make additional trips to the store or have to go back to one place when you’re already miles away. It is also important to choose the right time for your trips based on the traffic situation in your area.