Car Wheel & Tire Alignment

Wheel / Car Alignment Services

A vehicle alignment will help your car handle better and help your tires last longer. The expert technicians at Driver’s Edge provides these alignment services and more:

  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform a free, computerized alignment check.
  • We closely inspect your suspension for excessive wear.
  • We check to ensure the steering wheel is properly centered.
  • We check and adjust camber, toe, and caster as needed.

Is Your Vehicle Pulling You Aside and Telling You Something?

There are many reasons your vehicle may be out of alignment. If you find your car drifting or pulling to one side then your vehicle is likely out of alignment. The pulling to one side is often felt when applying the brakes or you may feel a vibration in your car. A car with bad alignment can quickly wear out tires and cost you money.

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How Often Should I Check my Car’s Alignment?

If you are noticing the problems outlined above or if you are noticing uneven tire wear. It is also recommended that you have your alignment checked when you have the vehicle services or get an oil change.

A wheel alignment service consists of adjusting the wheels of your vehicle so that all wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. These basic angles contribute to proper wheel alignment:

  • Camber – the measure of the degree of perpendicular offset from the road surface.
  • Caster – the angle of your wheel’s pivot, which is attached to the suspension, and when this angle is out of alignment, straight-line tracking is affected.
  • Toe – refers to the angle of directional difference between the tire and the centerline of the vehicle.

The front and rear wheels on your vehicle should always be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to the tire next to it.

If you have any questions about car wheel alignments, give us a call or fill out our contact us form here.

How will I know if my car needs a wheel alignment?

It may be time for a wheel alignment, if your car exhibits any of these signs:

  • Pulling to the right or left while driving
  • Feeling a vibration in the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel is crooked while driving straight
  • Abnormal tire wear


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