Tire Rotation and Tire Balancing in Dallas, TX

Being a responsible driver in or around Dallas means making an effort to take care of your vehicle. That means getting regular oil changes and handling preventative maintenance, but you’ll also need to have qualified mechanics work on your vehicle’s individual components from time to time. Your vehicle’s tires need to be in good condition for it to operate correctly, and tire balancing and rotation services can help.

When they’re looking for a trustworthy tire shop, Dallas-Fort Worth residents (and people living in other parts of the area) pick Driver’s Edge. If you need tire balancing, tire rotation, or any other services in this part of Texas, our highly skilled Dallas-area technicians will be happy to assist you.

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Tire Balancing and Tire Rotation: Know the Difference

First of all, you should understand tire balancing and tire rotation. Despite their similar names, these are two distinct services, both of which play an essential role in protecting your car’s tires.

Tire Balancing

Ideally, your tires should weigh the same. New automobile tires come with several small weights to ensure this is the case, but the tread wear process can throw your tire weights out of balance. To make matters worse, unbalanced tires won’t wear evenly.

The good news is that a quick tire shop appointment for tire balancing can counteract the issue. The Driver’s Edge crew will remove your tires and check their weight distribution when you need this service. If they spot any irregularities, they’ll add small weights to one or more tires to set things right.

Tire Rotation

Another factor affecting how tires wear down is their position on your vehicle. A car’s driven wheels wear down faster than their other wheels because they work extra hard. To keep that from becoming an issue, you’ll need to get regular tire rotation services.

Driver’s Edge can take care of your vehicle’s tire rotation needs. This is more in-depth than it might seem—depending on the wheels your car drives, you’ll need to follow one of many possible tire rotation patterns. Our team has the knowledge required to rotate your tires successfully.

Protect Your Tires with These Tips

As you can see, tire rotation and tire balancing are a big part of tire safety. Still, there are some other tips you should keep in mind:

  • Check your tires regularly. If you notice foreign objects stuck in your tires, sidewall problems, or signs of uneven wear, it’s time to ask the professionals for help.
  • Keep an eye on your tread depth. All tires have to be replaced at some point or another. Try putting a small coin into your treads—start the process of finding new tires if you can see most of the coin’s face.
  • Don’t ignore wheel alignment. Does your car regularly pull to one side? If so, your wheels may be misaligned.
  • Make sure your tire pressure is OK. You should be able to find the correct pressure level for your tires in your car’s manual or on a label on the front driver’s side door.

We Can Help You Find New Tires

When you make a point of being proactive when it comes to tire rotation, tire balancing, and other tire-related services, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your tires. That said, these services cannot make your tires last forever. Someday, your tires will wear down to the point where you’ll need to invest in new ones.

When that day comes, go to the best tire shop in the Dallas–Fort Worth area: Driver’s Edge. Thanks to our automotive knowledge and wide selection of products, we can help you find the best tires for your vehicle. You can even take a look at our tire lineup online!

Choose Dallas’ Most Reliable Tire Rotation & Balancing Shop

Getting excellent tire service isn’t as easy as picking a random tire shop—Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas have countless garages that offer these services. Instead, you should look for a shop that offers:

Experienced Mechanics

Evaluating the skill level of a tire shop’s mechanics isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just try to find shops that employ ASE-certified mechanics to handle tire service and other jobs.

Great Tire Deals

A good tire shop won’t overcharge customers for its services, but don’t stop there. Instead, search for a business that offers online coupons and other money-saving opportunities.

Convenient Service

In today’s world, scheduling an appointment for auto service should be as easy as filling out an online form. Some shops even offer a concierge service, meaning they’ll be able to pick up your vehicle for service and drop it off when they’re done.

Driver’s Edge offers all these benefits and more. Schedule your next appointment today if you need tire service in Dallas, Fort Worth, or beyond!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tire rotation is one of the simplest but most effective ways to ensure that you get the maximum life from your tires. Each of your tires wears differently—the left rear tire has different forces acting on it from your front right tire, for example. If you leave all of your tires in their original positions for long periods of time, each will have excessive wear where friction is greatest during turning or simply driving straight. 

Without regular tire rotation, your tires will develop deep tread wear patterns that can’t be repaired and that can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. If you’ve noticed poor handling and haven’t had your tires rotated every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, book an appointment at your nearest Driver’s Edge location. Our tire mechanics can check your tires for wear patterns, proper balance, and more.  

It’s not difficult to give your tires their best chance at a long life. Staying on top of a few maintenance tasks is the key:

  • Check your tire pressure: For the best fuel economy, driving performance, and tire life, make sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month with a high-quality pressure gauge. Underinflated tires puts more wear and tear on tire tread and reduces handling and overall driving comfort.
  • Regularly rotate your tires: Your rear tires and your front tires undergo different stresses as you drive, brake, and turn. Over time, the differing weight distribution will cause deepening wear that can only be interrupted by moving all of your tires to new positions on your vehicle. Without rotation, all of your tires will wear out more quickly. 
  • Have your wheels aligned: As with tire rotation, wheels that are not properly aligned can cause uneven tire wear. Perhaps even more importantly, misaligned wheels can cause your car or truck to pull to one side or cause vibration.

If you’ve driven for any length of time on a tire that won’t stay inflated or that has visible damage, such as a puncture or bulge, it’s likely that there may be more damage than you can see. The only way to determine if a tire is beyond repair is to have it taken off the wheel and inspected inside and out. 

Most guidelines suggest that small punctures (less than a quarter of an inch in diameter) can be repaired, unless the problem is with the tire shoulder or sidewall. We recommend bringing your car or truck to your nearest Driver’s Edge location to have our tire repair mechanics inspect the tire in question. We’ll let you know if the tire should be replaced to ensure that you’re driving on a safe tire.

You certainly can replace just two of your tires at one time, but the best option for performance and safety is to replace all four tires. Ideally, tires that are all the same size, age, and brand, and that have the same tread pattern will give you better handling and a quieter ride.

If your budget allows for the replacement of just two tires right now, try to replace the other two as soon as you can. In the meantime, Driver’s Edge always offers great tire deals, money-saving coupons, and rebates from manufacturers of the top tire brands.

The answer depends upon the extent of the problem that caused the tire to go flat. If you have a puncture that’s a quarter-inch or less in diameter, you may be able to use a patch-and-plug combination. In any case, the goal is to completely fill the damage to make sure you have an airtight seal on the inner liner. 

If you have a flat, Driver’s Edge offers flat tire repair for most vehicles for tires that can be safely repaired. 

For the best performance and maximum life, your wheel/tire assembly should spin smoothly, even at higher speeds. When tires are out of balance, wear happens faster and more unevenly. All Driver’s Edge locations offer expert tire balancing service.

One reason there are so many types of tires on the market is that they’re all designed to have different traction and handling. If you mix tire types, you could end up with problems ranging from a car that won’t hold the road well to dangerous results if you have to brake hard. We always recommend that when you replace a tire, it should be an identical match to your other tires. The mechanics at your local Driver’s Edge tire shop can help you choose the new tires that are right for your vehicle.

This is one of the easiest ways to take good care of your tires, and one of the most important for ensuring good handling and safety. Take a few minutes each month to check your tires (don’t forget the spare!) to ensure you have proper inflation. It’s also smart to check your pressure before setting out on a long road trip. 

Try to check when the tires are cold or when your vehicle has been sitting idle for at least three hours. You’ll find the recommended pressure for your tires on a sticker inside your driver’s side door. 

A careful visual inspection, tread measurement, and your own assessment of how your car or truck is handling should help you determine if it’s time for you to buy new tires:

  • Inspect your tires for any type of damage or objects embedded in the tread. Some damage, such as small punctures, may be able to be repaired. Others, such as sidewall damage, may not. 
  • Measure your tread depth with a penny. Insert it with Lincoln’s head down—if the top of Lincoln’s head is exposed, you don’t have enough tread to ensure the tire is safe to drive on and the tire needs to be replaced.
  • Think about how your vehicle handles. If you’ve noticed excessive vibration (more than just normal vibration caused by the road) or a constant vibration that gets worse as you increase your speed, it may be time to replace your tires.

Having tires in good condition is important to your safety. If you need new tires or wonder if your tires can be repaired, don’t wait to book an appointment at your nearest Driver’s Edge location.

We do! Not only do we offer money-saving coupons on great tire deals, oil and filter changes, and more, we also promise to beat any local competitor’s advertised price. Check out our coupons page often, then just print out your coupons or show them on your phone when you come into your Driver’s Edge shop.

The short answer is to buy the type of tires recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You do, however, have other options. Because everyone’s driving habits and budgets are different, our tire experts will be glad to discuss your particular needs and help you choose the tires that are right for you.