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Let’s face it: the only part of your car that actually comes into contact with the road is the tires. This means you must take whatever action is necessary to keep your tires in good shape at all times. Driver’s Edge tire shop in Dallas can help!

There are many tire shops near Dallas. But don’t pick one at random for your car’s tire repair work! Instead, depend on these factors when choosing a shop for tire repair or replacement:

  • A good reputation. A local tire shop that consistently does a good job will have good reviews and positive word-of-mouth recommendations from your friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Qualified employees. The mechanics working at your tire shop of choice should be ASE-certified.

Due to our unmatched customer service and dependable tire and auto repairs, we are well known as the number one destination for tire-related needs in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Tire Repair and Maintenance is One of Our Specialties

There are things you can do to help to keep you tires in good condition in between our preventive checks:

  • Check the tire pressure at least twice a month. Buy a tire pressure gauge and ask for help if you don’t know how to use it.
  • Check the tire tread at the same time. Walk around the car and look for areas of uneven wear. Point them out to our tire mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Look for objects in the tread or sidewall of the tire. Don’t remove anything; get safely to Driver’s Edge as quickly as you can.

Don’t skip tire maintenance checks! Those regular checks will save your tires from premature wear and might save your family from danger.

Our ASE-certified tire shop mechanics will:

  • check the tire pressure monitoringauto mechanic replacing car tires system (TPMS).
  • rotate the tires.
  • balance the wheels.
  • check tread for unusual wear.
  • inspect wheel bearing.
  • repair the tires, if necessary.

Tire experts recommend a regular tire maintenance check every 5,000 miles. Ask our Driver’s Edge auto repair mechanics at our Dallas tire shop what they recommend, too, based on your driving habits. Extremes of temperature in the area, sudden stops and starts, and road conditions where you live affect the life of your tires.

Don’t forget to check your tire’s warranty requirements on frequency of service.

Tire Rotation And Balancing Tires Is Key

High-quality tires are an investment. Regularly rotating and balancing will help you protect it.

Fixing a Tire Versus Replacing It

Everyone experiences having a tire go flat. At some point, you have to make a decision about replacing or fixing a tire. It’s cheaper to repair it, but is that the right thing to do? A tire can be safely repaired:

  • If the puncture is ¼ inch or less in diameter.
  • If it’s in the tire tread.
  • If there are several punctures, and they are 16 inches apart or less.

However, a tire must be replaced if:

  • There is any separation in the tread.
  • There is a puncture in the sidewall.
  • There are multiple punctures over a larger area of the tire.
  • There has been a previous repair in the same area.

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Our Concierge Service Saves You Time

A flat tire can ruin your entire day. Take advantage of our free Concierge Service to keep your schedule on track while your car is being serviced.

We pick your car up (within 3 miles of our shop) and bring it in for its scheduled repair and then return it. Quality and convenience—you can have it all at Driver’s Edge!



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