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For complete auto repair and preventative maintenance for your vehicles, look no further than Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our mechanics are top ASE auto repair experts with the experience and training to service nearly every system in your car. Trust us with tune-ups, flat tires, oil changes, tire rotations, AC work, and transmission repair among many other services. Our Dallas brake shop also offers a thorough inspection service and can handle any auto repairs that are necessary.

Full-Service Dallas Car Repair

Preventative maintenance helps to keep your vehicle on the road rather than in the repair shop. A breakdown could leave you stranded in a dangerous situation and result in lost time in your day. At Driver’s Edge, our comprehensive preventative maintenance program offers regular services at 30,000-, 60,000-, and 90,000-mile intervals. We also perform warranty work that satisfies manufacturer requirements.

In addition to oil change service, auto AC service, and general auto maintenance services, we offer:

  • Wheel alignment service: A car that is out of alignment will ruin your tires and damage the front end of your vehicle. You will pay more at the gas pump, too. Our alignment experts will make sure your tires and the body of the car are riding smoothly on the surface of the road.
  • Transmission service: Transmission work is one of the most expensive repairs on a vehicle. We can inspect your transmission before there is an issue.mechanic in overalls repairing car in auto repair shop
  • Belt and hose replacement: All the belts and hoses in your car’s systems do their work where you can’t see them. When they fail, they can cause serious harm to your car. We inspect all belts and hoses and advise you on their condition.
  • Headlight restoration: If your lights aren’t bright enough, we can clean and sand them to restore them to brand-new condition.
  • Car Battery Replacement and Installation: A dead battery can shred your schedule for the day. We will inspect and replace your battery if necessary.
  • Fluid levels: All the systems of a car need different fluids to work properly. We check coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, battery water, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Filters: Just like fluids, there are many filters working in your vehicle all the time. We inspect your air, fuel, and all other system filters.
  • Coolant: We inspect your car’s cooling system to check for harmful corrosion and to determine if the system needs to be recharged.
  • Tire shop servicesGetting the most mileage from your tires means maintaining the proper air pressure, balance, and front-end alignment. Our tire shop will ensure your tires have the proper inflation pressure according to your car’s manufacturer recommendations and can advise you on how to maintain that pressure until your next service visit.

We want to be part of your full-service car care team!

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Dallas Auto Repairs Begin With a Free Written Estimate

We begin every repair job with a detailed written estimate before we start work. Our auto service staff will answer any questions you have before you decide what to do about your car repair. Our goal is your satisfaction and safety on the road.

Superior Customer Service

You can count on Driver’s Edge for friendly, professional service every time you visit our auto repair shop. Aside from providing professional assistance with your car, we also offer a clean, comfortable waiting area, including an office area with a customer phone and a charging area for your laptop or phone. Coffee, too!

We Help You Save Money on Car Repair Services

You will find coupons and specials on many auto repairs and services on our website. Show them to us when you arrive, either as a printed copy or saved on your phone. We change the coupons and savings frequently so check back for savings on:

  • Brake repair
  • Tire repair
  • Oil and other fluid changes
  • Alignments, tune-ups, and other mechanical services

Driver’s Edge Concierge Program in Dallas, TX

The Driver’s Edge Concierge Program is a free service that helps you eliminate unnecessary trips outside your home. We come to your location (within three miles of Driver’s Edge) to pick up your car and then return it to you free of charge after services have been completed. Our expert Driver’s Edge auto mechanics will also sanitize all contact points on your vehicle before returning it to you.

Call (844) 764-EDGE to make an appointment.

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We are ready to provide complete auto care with superior customer service at the best prices in the area.

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Dallas Auto Repair Shop FAQ

How do I choose a good mechanic?

You may not know how good a mechanic is until you use their services, but with a little time and effort, you can weed out some car repair shops that are probably ones to avoid. Here are our tips for finding a mechanic you can trust with your vehicle and your money:

  • Seek out personal recommendations: Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers if they have experience with a reliable car mechanic.
  • Do research online: It doesn’t take long to get a sense of a mechanic’s or auto shop’s quality when you look for online reviews. Check Google reviews and consumer websites that provide ratings for various types of service providers.
  • Look for certification: Certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is earned by mechanics who complete a minimum of two years of qualified work experience and pass tests. To maintain certification, ASE-certified technicians must retest every five years. Find out if the mechanic you’re considering has this certification.
  • Look for mechanics who specialize in your vehicle type: Although a mechanic who can work on any kind of car or truck is a good option, you may want to find one who specializes in your make of vehicle if you have a car that requires special training and equipment to repair.
  • Try out the mechanic with a minor repair: Rather than wait until your vehicle needs major work, think about testing a local mechanic with minor maintenance or repairs.

Are local car repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

It often is more affordable to have your car repaired at an auto repair shop. While your vehicle is under its original dealership warranty, however, repairs are free at the dealership. After that, look for a local car repair shop for your ongoing repair and maintenance needs.

Keep in mind that you’re not required to have all work done by your dealership in order to keep your warranty intact. According to federal law, you have the right to take your vehicle anywhere you’d like for service, and it won’t compromise your vehicle’s warranty.

Is car maintenance the same as repair?

Car maintenance is not the same as repair, although your mechanic may find a need for some repairs while performing scheduled maintenance.

Simply defined, maintenance includes the services that are needed to keep your car or truck on the road and maximize its lifespan. If you can fit regularly scheduled maintenance into your household budget, you have a much better chance of avoiding major, expensive repairs later on.

At most auto shops, preventative maintenance programs include tasks such as tire rotation, wheel balancing, checking and replacing hoses and belts, and oil changes.

Repairs are usually not anticipated or scheduled. When something suddenly breaks or isn’t working as it should, it’s important to get to a qualified mechanic to ensure that the issues with your vehicle don’t worsen or leave you stranded on the road.

What car maintenance do I actually need?

The most important maintenance items are those that help ensure your car or truck is reliable and safe to operate. Additional tasks help you get more life from your vehicle’s engine and protect your investment in it.

Essential car maintenance includes:

  • Oil changes: Our ASE-certified mechanics recommend that most passenger cars and light trucks have an oil change every six months or 5,000 miles if you use synthetic motor oil.
  • Filter changes: Clogged filters prevent your engine from running at peak efficiency. Your oil filter should be replaced whenever you have your oil changed, and other filters—such as air, fuel, and crankcase filters—should be inspected regularly.
  • Fluid checks: The performance and life of your engine and other components of your car or truck depend on clean, free-flowing fluids. Maintenance should include checks (and replacement or topping off, if needed) of power steering fluid, brake fluid, battery water, coolant, transmission fluid, and more. If any of these fluids are especially low, the relevant system should be inspected for leaks.
  • Hose and belt checks: The job of hoses and belts is simple, but when one fails, you may not be able to drive your vehicle. All of these items in your car or truck will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.
  • Battery checks: If you’ve driven long enough, you’ve probably had to deal with a dead battery. To help avoid the inconvenience of a car that won’t start, your battery and cables should be inspected to make sure connections are tight and there’s no fluid leaking or corrosion.
  • Wiper blades: These may not seem like an essential item on your vehicle, but bad wiper blades can compromise your safety on the road.

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