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When you look for a tire shop, we know you’re looking for more than tires. You deserve honesty, reliability, and the latest technology available. Whether you need a flat tire fixed, tire balancing, or a new set of tires, the ASE-Certified technicians at our Driver's Edge Keller auto repair location can take care of all of your tire service and repair needs.

Tire Maintenance Is Our Specialty

Let us help keep your tires in good repair by scheduling regular tire inspections. This will save  you time and money.

Our ASE-certified tire specialists will:

  • Check the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Rotate the tires
  • Balance the wheels
  • Repair or replace the tires
  • Inspect the wheel bearings
  • Check tread for unusual wear

We recommend bringing your car or truck in for regular checks every  5,000 miles. Any problems with your tires will be detected early, which will save you time and money later. 

Your driving habits can also affect how fast or slow your tires wear, so ask your Driver’s Edge technician what they recommend, too. Habits like sudden stops and starts, and also the road conditions and extreme heat in your area can affect tires. 

Ask our tire specialists to determine the best schedule for frequency of tire maintenance checks.

Tire Replacement at Driver’s Edge

Here are a few things to consider when choosing new tires:

  • How many miles do I want to get out of these tires?
  • Should I get exactly the same ones that are on my car now?
  • Do I want an upgrade?
  • Do I need to adjust my choice because I’m driving in a new climate or have different needs due to distances or conditions where I drive?
  • Do I even know what type of tires my car needs?
  • How much do I want to pay?

It’s a lot of information to process, so ask your Driver’s Edge tire store specialists to help. Driver’s Edge has an extensive selection of tires and some of the best prices in the area. 

Check out our coupon and specials page, too, for the best tire deals!

Knowing When To Fix or Replace

You have a flat and the tire is fairly new. Do you replace it or get it fixed? Here are some situations when a tire can be safely repaired:

  • Any puncture is less than ¼ inch in diameter 
  • A puncture is in the tire tread
  • Multiple punctures are 16 inches apart or less

A tire must be replaced if:

  • There is a separation in the tread 
  • A puncture is in the sidewall of the tire
  • There are multiple punctures over an area larger than 16 inches of the tire 

The safety of you and your family is too important to take a chance. Feel free to ask one of our tire specialists to help you make a decision.

Savings, service, and quality—make Driver’s Edge your headquarters for all of your tire needs. Schedule an appointment online now.

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Keller Tire Repair FAQs

One of my tires slowly loses air. Do I have to replace it instead of repairing it?

This could be a small puncture, a leaky valve stem, or a bigger problem that isn’t visible to you. Have it checked right away at the tire shop at Driver’s Edge in Keller before making any decisions. One of our tire specialists will take the tire off the wheel to check it inside and out. Then they will work with you to either repair or replace it.

How can I get the most value out of my tires?

Be proactive! Check your owner’s manual for a recommended schedule for preventative tire maintenance. Here are some tips:

  • Tire Rotation: Tires don’t turn the same way in each wheel well. Front and rear tires experience different stresses from braking and turning, causing extra friction in areas that will begin to wear through. For these reasons, tires must be rotated on a regular basis to give you the best value for your investment.
  • Tire Pressure: Tires that are underinflated wear faster, which reduces handling and provides a less comfortable ride. Buy a tire gauge, learn how to use it, and check your tire pressure monthly at a minimum. This will result in better fuel economy, tire life, and driving performance. Ask the Driver’s Edge service staff for help if you need it.
  • Tire Alignment: This refers to an adjustment of the suspension that connects the car to the wheels, not any change to the tires or wheels themselves. An alignment adjusts the angles of the tires and how they make contact with the road. Tires that aren’t aligned properly can cause your car to pull to one side, and you may experience vibrations while driving. Tires that aren’t aligned properly won’t last as long as they could, meaning you get less value out of the tires.

Preventative maintenance for your tires is routinely done at our tire stores. Set an appointment today!

Is tire balancing the same as an alignment?

No, these are separate services that are both necessary for your tires to provide the best value for your money. Wheel balancing perfectly sets the weight of a tire on the wheel assembly so that it turns evenly and smoothly. Tire balancing, also known as wheel balancing, corrects any uneven distribution of weight in the wheels—not the tires. Tires that are out of balance can cause vibration, tire wear, and suspension damage. Driver’s Edge in Keller offers expert tire balancing services—and don’t forget to check our coupons before you come in!

Does Driver’s Edge offer other specials?

Yes! Our long-standing relationships with the biggest tire manufacturers in the country allow us to offer the best prices in the area. Check out our money-saving coupons on repairs, inspections, and more! Driver’s Edge in Keller will beat the advertised price of any local competitor. We offer high-quality service, sales, and repairs every day!

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