Get Professional Car AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX at Driver’s Edge 

Add an air conditioning inspection to your list of routine maintenance work at Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service in Fort Worth, TX. Our ASE-certified mechanics will inspect your AC and diagnose any problems early, which can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. Your vehicle will also need an AC recharge regularly, so ask our service staff to set up a schedule of maintenance checks for all your auto systems today!

Regular AC inspections can save you money

Waiting until your vehicle's AC starts leaking into the passenger cabin or blowing warm air can be costly and time-consuming. At our Fort Worth auto repair shops, we tell our clients to follow their inspection calendar to detect problems early and avoid expensive car AC repair services.

Our expert mechanics specialize in auto air conditioning repair and offer full-service AC inspections that include:

  • Searching for leaks or holes in refrigerant lines, or damage to hoses
  • Checking the pressure in the cooling system  
  • Measuring the temperature in the passenger cabin 
  • Inspecting the level of coolant for possible car AC recharge
  • Checking pipes, cap, and thermostat
  • Evaluating the compressor belt for cracks 
  • Checking the manufacturer’s specifications 

Driver’s Edge is dedicated to providing value to our customers every day, as well as superior, professional diagnostics. Check out our coupon page often to catch our great specials and money-saving coupons! 

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Signs of AC Trouble: When to seek auto air conditioning repair in Fort Worth

While you may not actively think about your car's AC system when it's running smoothly, it's crucial to keep an eye out for potential issues to avoid the need for costly auto air conditioning repair down the road. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to monitor the health of your car's AC system, and the scorching heat in Fort Worth, TX can make a malfunction even more unbearable. It's important to pay attention to your AC's warning signs and address any concerns promptly to avoid the need for car AC repair in the future.

Some of the telltale indicators that you should look out for from your auto air conditioning system include:

  • Watch for water on the floorboards inside the car. Don’t ignore this as water leads to the growth of mildew and odors invading your car. Set an appointment to get it checked out right away.
  • Do you hear unusual noises or fluttering sounds? Is the airflow coming from the AC vents weak or even warm? There may be an object stuck in the system somewhere. This will weaken the airflow. 
  • If the dashboard indicator light for the AC system goes on, don’t assume it’s a faulty connection. Let us determine what the problem is.

Save time and money by taking care of these auto ac warning signs right away. Bring your car or truck to Driver’s Edge in Fort Worth today.

Our FREE Concierge Service gives you even more value

Picture this: your entire day is planned out and it’s going to be very busy. But your AC suddenly stops working. Don’t let this upset your day. We recognize the value of your time, so if your vehicle is within 3 miles of the shop, we can pick it up, complete the scheduled work, and then return it back to you. It’s as simple.

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