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Getting your vehicle taken care of with the highest quality parts and service is what we do best at Driver’s Edge in Grapevine, TX. With our ASE-certified technicians under your hood, you can trust our team with everything from preventative maintenance to complex mechanical issues. 

Our Auto Repair Services at Driver’s Edge Grapevine 

We’re proud to provide a truly superior car care experience for drivers in Grapevine. Auto repair and maintenance services offered at our Grapevine location include:

Tire Service and Repairs

We provide new tire sales and installation, as well as a full line of tire repair services to get you in and out and back on the road quickly. Services such as tire rotations, balancing, inflation, and flat tire repairs are all performed using state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality parts and products.

Oil Change and Preventative Maintenance

Oil changes and other preventative maintenance tasks will help keep your vehicle running better, longer, and help you avoid more expensive repairs down the road. During a preventative maintenance service, we’ll change fluids, replace filters, inspect belts and hoses, and more to keep your car running smoothly mile after mile.

AC Service and Repairs

When your vehicle’s AC isn’t blowing cold enough, or when it’s making noises, emits strong odors, or has other issues, trust the experts at Driver’s Edge to get everything back online in no time. We also offer AC inspection services to identify any problems that could prevent your vehicle’s AC from performing at full capacity.

Brake Replacement and Repair

Brakes that are noisy, vibrate, or feel squishy are all signs that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. As your brake components wear, they are less able to help your vehicle come to a controlled stop. Our ASE-certified pros are experts in all types of braking systems and brake repair and can diagnose even the most complex issues dealing with parts like brake pads, brake rotors, calibers, and other crucial components. Even if you aren’t experiencing brake problems, we recommend having your brakes checked every six months or every 6,000 miles.

Texas State Vehicle Inspections

We provide the comprehensive safety inspections that the State of Texas requires for most vehicles. We can also perform an emissions test if your vehicle is required to have it.

Still searching “auto mechanic near me”?

When you look for “auto repair near me” in a search engine, you’ll find all types of nearby Grapevine auto shops. But all these listings don’t tell you the quality of the service you’ll receive or whether you’re getting a full-service auto repair center. At Driver’s Edge in Grapevine, you can be certain that the technicians working on your vehicle are ASE-certified professionals who always go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for the road. 

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Grapevine, TX Auto Repair FAQs

Do today’s cars need tune-ups?

If you mean preventative maintenance, then yes, all cars need regular tune-ups. This is what will keep your car out of our car repair service bays. It’s true that today’s vehicles have onboard computers to do much of the work that mechanics used to do in a tune-up. Electronic ignitions using coil-on-plugs instead of spark plugs with wires have eliminated one of the major reasons why cars made before 1999 needed tune-ups.

Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service offers maintenance service packages at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. If you need a different schedule, the technicians at our Grapevine location will be glad to set it up for you.

How often do I need oil change service?

Regular oil changes are critical for keeping your car’s engine in top working order. It’s the best way to increase the longevity of your vehicle, and, as a result, you will have less need for our auto repair services.

If you use conventional oil, your car’s oil changes should be every 3,000 to 6,000 miles or every six months. With synthetic oil, your car’s oil changes can be less frequent. Check your owner’s manual or ask our auto shop’s oil change specialists for their advice.

Driver’s Edge includes a complete oil and oil filter change as part of any routine maintenance package. Be sure to check our coupons page for savings on conventional and synthetic oil and filter changes.

How will I know when my car needs new brakes?

Brakes in good condition don’t make much noise and they respond quickly to any pressure placed on the brake pedal with no pulling or grabbing. So, if you hear odd noises or your car doesn’t respond or responds erratically when you brake, it’s time for a brake inspection. There is also an ABS light on the car’s dashboard that will illuminate if the brakes need attention.

Sometimes all that is necessary to correct some of these issues is replacing the brake pads, brake shoes, or rotors. There may be a leak in the brake fluid line, which causes a loss of fluid pressure. All of these can be repaired easily and without a major repair bill.

Brake inspections are so important that we carry out a complete brake check during every one of our services.

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What kinds of tires does driver’s edge sell?

We sell all major brands in our tire shop! Due to our partnership with tire manufacturers, we can offer them at great prices. Check our specials here.

Does Driver’s Edge service car ac systems?

Yes. We are the best Grapevine auto repair shop because we do it all!

Our car AC repair service starts with a thorough inspection, which:

  • Tests and records vent temperatures
  • Inspects components for visible leaks
  • Gauges and records coolant pressure
  • Inspects hose fittings and compressors
  • Runs performance tests

When summer is on its way, bring your car into Driver’s Edge in Grapevine before the heat sets in. Our AC pros will make sure you’re cool and comfortable.

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