Driver’s Edge Provides Expert Brake Service in Lewisville, TX 

Whether your vehicle is in need of brake pads, brake calipers, general brake repair, or brake parts, Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service is your one-stop shop!

Owner neglect is the number one contributor to brake failure. We will set up a schedule of regular brake inspections, so this doesn’t happen to you. We provide the highest-quality brake service and auto repair in Lewisville and we use state-of-the-art technology to inspect, diagnose, and repair brakes. 

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Brake inspections keep you safe on the road 

It’s easy to put a brake inspection off. Keep you and your family safe and avoid expensive repair bills by driving into Driver’s Edge for your scheduled inspection. Our brake technicians are professionally trained and can make any indicated repairs quickly and easily. 

Driver’s Edge brake inspections include:

  • Replacing brake pads and shoes
  • Assessing the brake calipers and other related hardware
  • Checking and machining the drums and rotors
  • Checking fluid levels and refilling as needed

Brake inspections are generally recommended every six months or every 6,000 miles. Ask our staff to discuss this frequency with you based on the average amount of miles you drive, driving habits, and manufacturer recommendations. To save time, all your routine safety checks can be completed in as little as one day. 

How you drive affects the life of your brakes

Your vehicle’s brakes are affected by the way you drive and the environment you drive in. Here are some ways to save your brakes:

  • Avoid quick, sharp stops as much as possible
  • Avoid tailgating – it can lead to sudden stops, which can wear brakes
  • Avoid riding the brake pedal constantly (automatic transmission) 
  • Avoid carrying too much weight in the trunk and backseat
  • Avoid potholes and debris as much as possible

Red flags of possible brake issues

Here are some warning signs of brake trouble ahead. Schedule an appointment right away to avoid danger on the road, as well as more expensive repairs later:

  • Squealing, thumping, grinding, or other strange noises
  • Experiencing softness in a brake pedal that depresses farther than normal
  • Braking accompanied by vibration
  • Yellow fluid leaking under the car
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Warning light on the dash Illuminates

Driver’s Edge also takes pride in offering high quality service and repair work at the best prices in the Lewisville area! We provide coupons and specials for brake work as well as tires and many other services.

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Another added value service: FREE Concierge Service

Car repairs or schedule maintenance can interfere with your busy life. For the safety of you and your family, take advantage of our FREE Concierge Service and let us help you  keep your day on track. If your vehicle is within three miles of our shop. we can pick it up and return it to you once the scheduled services are complete. In addition, your car will be cleaned and sanitized for your comfort and safety. 

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