Driver’s Edge: Your One-Stop Shop for Car AC Repair and Service

If you are looking for the highest quality auto AC repair in your area, come into Driver’s Edge auto repair in Lewisville, TX. Our exceptional service and professional repairs are delivered by our company with a mission: to deliver fast, professional service at honest prices. 

Save time and money with regular AC inspections

Why suffer in the Texas heat with no auto AC? Modern air conditioning systems aren’t easily repaired or maintained by a DIY mechanic. Let Driver’s Edge check the system on a routine schedule that will prevent failures with more expensive repairs later. Our professional service staff will set up a schedule that works for you. 

At Driver’s Edge our top of the line AC inspections includes:

  • Temperature tests 
  • Leak inspections
  • Coolant pressure check
  • Hose fittings & compressor check
  • Performance test
  • Filter check

Our AC specialists will provide you with a written estimate of any recommended repairs and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Even better, check out our coupon page to save big during your next visit. 

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Today’s car AC systems are complex

Your car’s AC system is a complex system that is best left to a professional. When it malfunctions, let us diagnose the problem to prevent further damage. Driver’s Edge AC specialists will keep you riding in comfort. They have the expertise to maintain and repair this complicated system. Here are two actions that make a huge difference.

1. Change the AC filter

Your AC system has two filters and both need to be changed to work properly. This has an immediate effect on your car’s AC system. A clogged filter makes the blower motor work overtime and eventually it will fail. Debris gets caught in the filter, blocking the airflow. If it isn’t changed, it can overheat, which is never good for your vehicle’s engine and overall performance. 

Your reaction to the inside vents blowing less-than-cold air is to turn the system up higher. Your fuel economy suffers as the system works harder to compensate for a clogged or blocked filter that you can’t see. Your fuel economy falls as a result. What’s the solution? Have the system inspected and a clean AC filter installed. It is essential to making the entire AC system work properly. 

Not many people know there is an interior cabin filter, too. However, it is located in a difficult area to reach, so ask the AC technician to make sure to check the cabin filter and change it, if needed. This is another way Driver’s Edge can help your system to work at top performance.

2. Recharge the AC Compressor 

A simple car AC recharge is often all it takes to get your system working properly. When the coolant gets low or contaminated, the entire complex system can fail. When your AC system is inspected, the coolant can easily be recharged (refilled) to prevent this. 

For the purpose of staying cool, all you need to know is that the coolant has to be replenished (recharged) periodically. Our AC specialists will advise you when it is time for a recharge.

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