Brake Service and Repair in Mansfield, TX

Problems with your brakes? Don’t wait! It’s one of the critical safety systems in your vehicle that can’t be put off until a more convenient time.

The shop that offers the best brakes near you is Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service in Mansfield. Our experienced, professional technicians are qualified to deal with all your brake service needs. We recommend having your brakes checked every six months or 6,000 miles, so set an appointment soon to get started with a regular maintenance routine.

Driver’s Edge Brake Inspection Services

Add a brake inspection for each of your vehicles to your other regular maintenance checks at Driver’s Edge. Talk to your technician about the best schedule for your vehicle, based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and your driving habits. 

The routine brake inspection at Driver’s Edge includes checking:

  • brake lines
  • brake pads
  • brake shoes 
  • rotors or drums 
  • brake calipers 
  • brake pedal
  • brake cylinder 
  • ABS module 
  • sensors

Our ASE-certified mechanics have the latest technology in order to give you precise results. After a thorough check of all components, our brake technician will talk to you about any repair recommendations.  We will also provide a written estimate of any work we recommend. Before finishing our evaluation, your vehicle will be test-driven to make sure all work was done at the highest quality. 

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Driver’s Edge provides the best value in Mansfield on all service and repair work. Be sure to check our special promotions and coupons on brake inspections and repair work. 

Help Your Brakes Last Longer

You can help ensure that you get the most life from your brakes with these simple tips:

  • Make gradual stops instead of quick, sharp stops 
  • Tailgating leads to sudden stops which wears brakes more quickly
  • Drive with one foot only (automatic transmission) 
  • Don’t leave heavy loads in your vehicle

Warning Signs of Brake Problems

If you notice any of these signs of brake trouble, set an appointment at Driver’s Edge as soon as possible:

  • Puddles of yellow fluid under your car
  • Brake pads less than a quarter inch thick
  • Slow stopping
  • Overly sensitive brakes
  • Unusual noises
  • Pulling to one side
  • Grinding 
  • Vibrations 
  • Spongy brake pedal 
  • Warning light on your dash

These signs could point to dangerous situations for you and your passengers. You can also prevent more expensive repair bills later.

Driver’s Edge Free Concierge Service 

Your time is valuable. You don’t want to spend time waiting for your car to be serviced, so reserve our Concierge Service when you schedule your next appointment. We will pick up your vehicle at your home or work (within three miles of our shop) and drive it to our location for servicing. After the work is done, your car will be cleaned, sanitized, and then returned to you. And our Concierge Service is free!