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Our expectations are just as high as yours and it’s about more than the oil. We know you’re busy and routine maintenance sometimes gets postponed. Let the ASE-certified auto mechanics in Mansfield Driver’s Edge keep your oil changes on schedule for you.

Our technicians will drain the old oil and replace it with the correct blend of Valvoline oil for your engine. We will also check and replace the oil filter and lubricate the chassis, including suspension bushings, sway bar, and steering  and U-joints.

How Often Do I Need the Oil Changed in My Car?

The industry standard is to change the oil in your vehicles every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes first. This schedule will keep the engine in most cars well protected. More frequent oil changes may be necessary if you routinely drive long distances or you are driving in extreme weather conditions. Also check your car’s owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation or ask your Driver’s Edge technician what’s best for your car or truck. 

As the oil circulates through your engine, it naturally picks up dirt and debris. This causes the oil to break down and it stops lubricating the engine and its parts as it should. 

How Do I Know My Car Needs an Oil Change?

Between oil changes, look for these signs of trouble:

  • Pull the dipstick and look for flecks on the stick.
  • Then check the level on the stick. Is it low?
  • Look at the color of the oil: It should be nearly clear.
  • Listen for unusual noises.
  • Check the “check engine” light.

If you catch problems early, you may be able to prevent serious issues later. 

Driver’s Edge Oil Change Services

Making sure your oil is clean and the filter is doing its job will keep your engine working at peak efficiency. 

Our certified pros will:

  • Replace the oil in the car and replace it with a high-quality synthetic or synthetic- blend Valvoline oil. 
  • Replace the old oil filter according to the specifications set by your vehicle’s manufacturer. 
  • Lubricate the vehicle’s suspension bushings, sway bar, and steering  and U-joints.

We will also let you know if we spot any problems that may need service or auto repair.

Our Free Concierge Service Offers You More For Your Money

Don’t let your car get behind on its routine maintenance, like oil changes.  We will pick your car up (within three miles of the shop), perform the scheduled services, and then clean and sanitize it for your safety. We will then return it to you, along with any further recommendations. 

Schedule your appointment now at the best oil change near you and be sure to check our coupon page for oil change coupons and more!  

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