Transmission Repair in Dallas & Irving, TX

If you are having trouble with your car not going into gear properly or not shifting properly, then you likely need a transmission repair. Driver’s Edge offers transmission repair services in the Dallas and Irving TX area by ASE Certified Technicians. Our services include:

  • A transmission fluid check and fluid exchange if needed
  • A complete inspection of your transmission
  • Transmission pan service
  • Manual and automatic transmission repair or replacement

Some of the issues that can signify that you need to have your transmission looked at include:

  • Your vehicle will start but it will not move
  • You car struggles to shift gears or will not shift gears
  • You have visual evidence transmission is leaking fluid (color typically looks different than an oil leak)
  • The transmission is slipping
  • Your clutch is slipping or not catching properly
  • The transmission is making noises that do not sound normal when shifting into gear or between gears
  • The engine revs too much between gears

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may have a transmission problem or it could be as simple as needing new transmission fluid or fluids topped off

Your car’s transmission is a very complex and a very essential part of your vehicle and should be cared for as such.

Schedule an appointment today if suspect you have transmission problems. Don’t trust any transmission shop with your car, trust your neighborhood auto mechanic and our Fix it Right Guarantee.

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Transmission Repair in Dallas & Irving, TX
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