What Do All Those Lights on Your Dashboard Mean?

car dashboard lights symbols

What do all those lights on your dashboard mean? If you are reading this because one of those dashboard lights has your attention, contact us for assistance, or read below to determine what each light means.

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Types of Dashboard Indicator Lights and What They Mean

Oil Pressure Warning Light

If this warning light lights up, it means the oil pressure in the engine is below normal. Pull over to where it is safe and top up your engine oil. However, it must be noted that this warning can also indicate more serious problems. Visiting one of our locations is advisable so you can have your oil pressure and oil pump checked.

Battery Charge Warning Light

The battery is either running low or there is a problem with your car’s alternator. If this happens while far from home, turn off your AC and radio so that your car can draw enough power from the battery for the vehicle to keep moving. Use this power to pull over to a safe location. If there is a repair shop nearby, you can drive straight to the place provided that the battery can still power the car. If your battery happens to fail while in the middle of nowhere, call for assistance immediately.

Airbag Indicator

There is likely an issue with your vehicle’s airbags if it is on. Go to a repair shop and have it checked immediately. This is a very serious problem that can cause injuries. If your airbag indicator is on during an impact, faulty airbags can cause deadly injuries.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

If this light is on, it means you have an overheating engine. If this happens to you while on the road, it is best to pull over to where it is safe and let your car cool down for a bit. This is a serious problem that stems from a range of issues. Call a mechanic immediately.

Brake Warning Light

If your handbrake is on, your brake warning light will light up. However, this could also indicate other problems with your car’s brake system. Be sure to have this checked ASAP. If you are on the road, find a safe spot where you can park and call for assistance.

ABS Indicator

There is something wrong with your vehicle’s Anti-Lock Braking System. If it is on right now, get it checked immediately because it signals a range of issues. This includes a faulty speed sensor, a damaged emergency brake, and hydraulic pressure loss.

Check Engine Light

You need to get your engine checked. It is difficult to find out why the light is on so be sure to go to a mechanic immediately.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

One of your tires is likely running low on pressure. Go to the nearest gasoline station and check all your tires. You should also look for punctures. If you don’t see any punctures, you can fill the affected tire with air after letting it rest for a few minutes.

Traction Control Warning Light

If this light stays on instead of flashing on and off, it is very likely that the system is suffering from a problem. If it is on while you’re driving, be sure to drive carefully while you look for a safe spot to park. Call for assistance immediately.

These Lights Can Help You Take Care Of Your Car

Recognizing these signs of car problems is valuable for understanding what your car needs. By taking good care of your vehicle through car repairs or maintenance services and keeping an eye on the warning signs, you can protect the investment you have made in your car. When you know what to watch for, you can prevent small issues from turning into much bigger, more serious, and more costly problems.

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