Your Mercedes Service Schedule

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What is Mercedes Benz Service A?

A single wrench is illuminated on your dashboard or the text “Service A due in X Miles”. This indicator light notifies you that it is time to bring your vehicle in for the Mercedes Benz Service A. The Service A is the first of three service levels and consists of so much more than a simple oil change; it is an intricate inspection of your car’s vital systems.

Your Mercedes Benz follows an alternating maintenance schedule that is determined by your vehicle’s Flexible Service System. This means that your first service will occur between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. The A Service occurs at approximately 10,000 miles or 1 year.

The Mercedes A Service consists of a synthetic oil change, an oil filter replacement, a check of all fluid levels, tire inflation check and correction, brake inspection, and finally a reset to the maintenance counter.

In addition to the aforementioned maintenance tasks, at your A and B Service the entire vehicle is inspected. Exhaust and mufflers are inspected for deterioration or damage. Brake lines and hoses are checked for cracks and your tires are checked for uneven wear.

The A Service is determined by your vehicle’s Flexible Service System and is unique to your year and model. The Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System monitors your vehicle’s engine vitals, like coolant, engine oil temperature, and engine oil level in-between service intervals. It then uses this data to determine the remaining mileage before your next service.

Following the scheduled maintenance schedule is a very important step in ensuring your Mercedes Benz continues to perform to the high level you have come to expect from Mercedes Benz.

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What is Mercedes Benz Service B?

Mercedes Benz Service B is the second of three service levels. Your schedule B is the next step in the recommended maintenance plan. The Service B is indicated on your dashboard with two wrenches or the new models may display “Service B due in X Miles”. After the Service B, you will continue with the flex schedule where your next service interval is a synthetic oil change and tire rotation 5,000 miles after your Service B.

You will continue with these service intervals every 5,000 miles alternating between the inspection and the Service A or B. The intervals should go – vehicle inspection and tire rotation; Service A, vehicle inspection and tire rotation, Service B. Your Service A interval is every 10,000 miles, and your Service B interval will be every 20,000 miles.

During the Service B, our ASE Certified technician will closely inspect all of your vehicle’s engine components using equipment that is specially designed for Mercedes Benz. This full inspection of your car’s mechanical, electronic, and computer components will determine if all are functioning optimally.

The full list of the services performed during the B Service include, a synthetic oil change, oil filter, cabin filter replacement, brake fluid exchange, fluid levels check, tire check and inflation correction, brake system inspection, replace climate control dust filters, replace wiper blades, inspect suspension system, and resetting of the maintenance counter.

With the Service B, these tasks are to be performed every 20,000 miles to ensure that you continue to get the highest levels of performance out of your Mercedes Benz and to prevent costly repairs in the future.

What is Mercedes Service C?

The Mercedes Benz Service C consists of all of the Service A and Service B maintenance tasks as well as some additional services. The Service C will include some of or all of the following additional maintenance services; these tasks include replacing spark plugs, replacing fuel filter, transmission service, differential service, and a coolant flush.

Your Mercedes Benz vehicle is fusion of luxury and performance. By following this recommended maintenance schedule your vehicle will continue to perform like the vehicle it was engineered to be.