Auto Repair & Preventive Maintenance Services in Arlington, TX

If you’re searching for the best auto mechanic near you, look no further than Driver’s Edge auto repair shop in Arlington, TX. Backed by industry-leading customer service, our ASE-certified auto mechanics are ready to meet all of your automotive repair and maintenance needs. We are your one-stop auto shop.

Top-Quality Auto Repair Service For Your Car Or Truck

At our shop in Arlington, our factory-trained technicians have both the expertise and the experience to keep your vehicle in peak condition, whether you need simple preventative maintenance done or complex auto repair.

Along with our top-notch service, we make your visit affordable. Be sure to check our coupons page often for the latest service specials and tire deals to help save you money.

Our Arlington auto repair and maintenance services include the following and more:

Oil Change Service in Arlington

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect your engine is to regularly have your oil and oil filter changed. Our Arlington oil change service includes new high-quality oil, a new oil filter, and lube, along with a multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is in top condition.

How often you should have an oil change done depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines. But if you’re unsure, the experts at Driver’s Edge can help determine the schedule that’s right for your car or truck.

Tire Repairs & Wheel Services

The condition of your tires is crucial to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and safety. That’s why we recommend regular tire service to keep them in top condition and help extend the life of your tires. Our tire shop in Arlington offers the following services:

  • Flat tire repair
  • Tire rotation
  • Alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tire pressure check

Car AC Repair & Service

As you know, summer temperatures in Texas can be sweltering. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, you can’t wait to have the problem assessed and repaired. We offer complete car AC service, from a quick inspection to an overhaul, to get you back on the road quickly in comfort.

The ASE-certified technicians at Driver’s Edge in Arlington will run a performance test, inspect your AC system for leaks, check the vent temperature, and test the pressure. Often, the AC repairs you need can be completed that same day.

Brake Repair & Service

Your brakes are a very important component of your vehicle to maintain. When searching through auto shops near you, make sure your brakes are serviced by experts, like the ASE-certified mechanics here at Driver’s Edge. To keep your vehicle running safely, we offer a full range of Arlington brake services, including brake inspections, repairs, and brake replacement.

If your brakes are slow to respond, you hear grinding noises, or your brake/ABS light is illuminated on your dashboard, schedule your brake repair appointment right away.

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Trust the expertise of the mechanics at Driver’s Edge for top-quality auto repair and service. We proudly meet the needs of drivers in Arlington and throughout the surrounding areas.

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Auto Repair in Arlington FAQs

What is preventative maintenance?

Many failures of auto systems are due to drivers having neglected regular maintenance. The good news is that by paying attention to preventative maintenance, you can often catch potential problems before they lead to expensive auto repairs or leave you stranded on the road.

Driver’s Edge offers basic preventative vehicle maintenance packages at each of our auto shops. We perform the following when you bring your car or truck to our shop for a preventative maintenance inspection visit:

  • Change oil and oil filter
  • Check and fill all fluid levels
  • Replace air filter
  • Lubricate chassis
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check brake system
  • Inspect all belts and hoses
  • Inspect tires

Auto repair in Arlington means a complete menu of inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement services at Driver’s Edge. We have highly experienced and trained ASE-Certified technicians and the latest diagnostic equipment to perform all of your scheduled maintenance and car repair.

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Can Driver’s Edge do all my factory warranty work or will that void the warranty?

No auto dealership can refuse to honor warranty work that is done at a reputable auto repair shop. Our factory-trained technicians will work with you and follow the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer to ensure that all preventative maintenance is performed on time and to the highest standards. In many cases, the cost will be lower, too.

Why does my “check engine” light come on?

Although there’s no cause for panic, seeing a light on your dashboard come on does mean you should get it checked out, though, and the sooner the better. It might turn out to be a faulty sensor or loose gas cap. Or it might turn out to be a more serious engine problem. But you won’t know until you bring it in for a diagnostic check.

Is car maintenance the same as car repair?

Although car maintenance and car repair are both terms you may hear when your vehicle is in need of service, there is a slight difference between them.

The term “auto maintenance” generally refers to routine tasks recommended to prevent issues and keep your vehicle operating at its best. Routine auto maintenance services typically aren’t urgent. However, they do require a consistent commitment to extend the lifespan of your car.

Unlike “car maintenance” or auto maintenance, a car repair is often performed to resolve more immediate problems with your vehicle, and they generally require a sense of urgency. While it may not always be required to have your vehicle repaired on the spot, a timeframe may be provided to you by your mechanic. Failure to have your vehicle serviced in a timely manner can cause serious, more expensive issues to occur down the line.

If you’re ever in need of quality auto repair in Arlington, but you’re unsure of where you can find it, try Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service.

Whether you are in need of car repair or maintenance services, our ASE-certified mechanics are highly-skilled and have the knowledge required to handle even your most unique car needs. Visit your local Driver’s Edge and experience one of the best car repair shops in Arlington now.

Are local Arlington auto repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

When it comes to choosing between a local auto repair shop and a dealership, it’s essential to first grasp what each option offers and how they work.

A car dealership is known for selling new and used vehicles to its customers. Although these establishments generally have a service department that can work on your vehicle, this is in addition to fancy showrooms, large garages, and a lot full of vehicles for sale. As a result, dealerships are generally more expensive because you aren’t just paying for auto repair, you are also paying for the experience.

When most people need quality auto repair in Arlington, they select an auto repair shop, like Driver’s Edge. A car repair shop may not include all of the fancy bells and whistles that you may encounter at a dealership, but many car owners prefer local repair shops because they offer everything you need at an affordable price.

At Driver’s Edge, we have a small but powerful team of ASE-certified mechanics who are ready and waiting to assist you. From our well-trained experts and 24 months/24,000 mile-warranty to the best tire deals and coupons, we provide several great reasons to choose our local auto shop in Arlington.

How can I avoid expensive auto repairs?

Believe it or not, there are a few secrets that can help car owners avoid expensive auto repairs. Below are a few things you can do to prevent vehicle issues ahead of time and lower your auto repair costs altogether.

  • Preventative maintenance is key. One of the smartest and most effective ways to avoid expensive auto repairs in the future is with preventative car maintenance, also known as PM. PM includes tasks that may require adjusting, cleaning, lubricating, or other essential actions that can increase the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • Seek out great deals and savings. Some of the best Arlington auto repair shops, such as Driver’s Edge, offer coupons that can help customers save money on auto repairs, oil changes, tire rotations, and more.
  • Avoiding expensive auto repairs does not mean neglecting to care for your vehicle. Deciding not to have your vehicle serviced won’t save you money. In fact, the longer you wait the worse your car issues can become. The sooner you schedule auto repair services to fix your vehicle, the better.

Sometimes, avoiding expensive repairs is as simple as choosing the best auto repair shop to handle your needs correctly the first time. Discover if Driver’s Edge can be the perfect auto repair shop for you.

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