Car AC Repair Services Arlington, TX

A search for the best car AC repair near you will bring you to this Arlington auto repair shop for the highest quality in the area. Customers of Driver’s Edge know their vehicles will receive expert service at a reasonable price.

Car Air Conditioning Services at Driver’s Edge

Your vehicle’s AC system is more complex than ever. The compressor, receiver and dryer, orifice tube or expansion valve, and the filter are some of the major components of this intricate system. When it isn’t working properly, it takes the know-how of an expert to determine the problem. Our car ac pros know how important your AC is to keeping you on the road in comfort, especially in extremes of heat here in Texas.

Let Driver’s Edge in Arlington take care of all of your car AC repair needs.

Auto AC Inspections & Repairs

The air inside your car suddenly blows warm or hot and it’s over 90 degrees—or higher—outside. The Arlington mechanics can assess the situation, pinpoint the problem, and carry out your auto AC repair to have you comfortable again.

Our AC Inspection Includes:

  • Temperature tests 
  • Leak inspections
  • Freon pressure check
  • Hose fittings & compressor check
  • Performance test
  • Filter check

Car AC Filter Replacement

Replacing your cabin air filter has a direct effect on your air conditioning system. Your system’s blower motor can overheat, overwork, and then fail if the filter becomes clogged. Plus, when the airflow is slowed down due to a dirty filter and you turn the AC up higher to compensate, fuel economy is affected. Your filter is critical to making the entire AC system work properly. 

It’s a simple fix to check and change the cabin filter. You will travel longer in comfort and save your system from wear and tear.

Auto AC Compressor Recharge

The compressor in your AC system moves the refrigerant through the entire system, using the drive belt. It is a complex process, changing the refrigerant from gas to liquid and back again along the way.

All that drivers need to know is that the refrigerant level needs to be checked periodically and it must be free of contaminants. Our AC specialists can check the fluid and perform an AC recharge if necessary.

Concierge Services

Consider your Arlington Driver’s Edge location your personal concierge. This is a free service, within three miles of our location, to eliminate time wasted waiting for your car or truck to be finished. 

Your vehicle will be picked up at your home and returned to you when the job is finished. Before returning it, we will clean and sanitize all contact points in the car to protect your health and safety. 

This is one more commitment to you, respecting your time and providing the highest quality parts, mechanical expertise, and customer service in the business.

Book your AC repair appointment online now and check for specials and coupons, too!