Superior Tire & Auto Repair in Frisco, TX at Driver’s Edge 

Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service provides exceptional customer service and car repair services.

During your search for the best auto repair in Frisco, you will surely stumble upon Driver’s Edge, your local headquarters for all your car care needs. At Driver’s Edge, we’re more than tire specialists, we offer oil changes, transmission repairs, brake and engine diagnostics and repair, and air conditioning service.  

Our auto shops have the best diagnostic technology availablea highly-qualified staff of mechanics and superior customer service that can’t be beaten.

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Auto repair and more

Check out the full menu of services offered at Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto below. We offer: 

Tire services

A blow-out on the highway can be deadly. You can prevent the unexpected by scheduling regular tire inspections. Our tire repair service specialists will thoroughly inspect your tires, including:

  • Tread inspections 
  • Checking for objects in the tires
  • Adjusting air pressure 
  • Checking wheel alignment
  • Balancing tires 
  • Rotating tires 

If you’re ever experiencing tire trouble on the road, remember that when you purchase tires from Driver’s Edge, we can provide you with free road service. 

Oil changes

The least expensive way to protect your vehicle’s engine is with regular oil changes. A Driver’s Edge conventional oil change service includes:

  • Lubrication of your vehicle’s chassis
  • Addition of five quarts (or less) of Valvoline 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil
  • Installation of a new oil filter
  • Free tire rotation upon request

Our service staff recommends oil and oil filter changes be done every 3,000 miles or three months. However, your vehicle may require more frequent (or less) service than what is recommended. If you’re unsure, ask for advice from our oil change specialists. They can tell you what will work best for your driving habits and needs. 

Brake service

Brake problems are too important to be put off. The brakes in your car must be in top working order every time you drive. To prevent brake failure that can have deadly consequences, have Driver’s Edge regularly inspect the brake system and diagnose any brake repairs or replacement parts.

Our specialists can determine if: 

  • The brakes engage when the brake pedal is applied
  • The brake pads (or drums) or shoes are in good condition 
  • The rotors need to be replaced
  • All fluid levels are adequate 

Air conditioning service

Modern AC systems are complicated and most DIY mechanics are not equipped to work on them. Let our AC repair professionals inspect your system on a regular basis, so you won’t end up caught in the heat when you least expect it.

Our AC professionals will: 

  • Measure the temperature in the passenger cabin
  • Compare it to the manufacturer’s recommendations 
  • Check the pressure throughout the AC system
  • Repair any leaks that affect the pressure  
  • Recharge the coolant, if necessary

In between inspections, watch for condensation inside the car or warm air blowing from the vents. If you can catch these AC warning signs early, it can help you avoid higher repair bills in the future.

Plus, we offer savings every day

Our coupon page offers a variety of specials and coupons for the services we provide. Be sure to check these out frequently, as the specials often change.

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Does Driver’s Edge Perform Preventative Maintenance?

Yes, the Driver’s Edge location in Frisco offers a complete range of maintenance and inspection checks. In fact, our auto repair services meet or exceed those required by your factory warranty. Our experienced, professional mechanics will:

You are entitled to take your vehicle to any auto repair shop for warranty work. Driver’s Edge offers 30/60/90K service checkups, too, so make an appointment now!

When Does My Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

Your owner’s manual will give you specific information on the frequency of oil changes for your vehicle. Newer cars do not require oil changes according to the traditional wisdom of “every 3,000 miles or three months.”

But there are other factors that affect this, too. Your driving habits, the type of oil you choose to use, and how you use your vehicle are all things to be considered, too. Discuss your oil-change needs with our specialists at Driver’s Edge in Frisco. They will also help you add this service to your other maintenance checks so you are sure to stay on track.

Do I Need to Stop Driving If My Check Engine Light Comes On?

No, but get the car to the car repair shop as soon as you can. It isn’t necessarily an emergency, but you shouldn’t ignore this light. It can signal a sensor that is malfunctioning or it can mean your engine is overheating. You won’t know until it is diagnosed at your Driver’s Edge in Frisco. We offer a full menu of car repair services, and coupons and specials to help you save money, too!

Why Is Driver’s Edge a Better Choice for an Oil Change?

Bringing your vehicle to Driver’s Edge for an oil change means that you are receiving all the benefits we offer. Quick-change oil businesses use “one-size-fits-all” grades of oil, as well as generic filters, and often employ inexperienced technicians.

At Driver’s Edge you will get the proper grade of oil for your make and model of car, the right filter, professional mechanical work, and an overall visual inspection of your car.

What Are the Red Flags That Indicate My Brakes Need Service?

Watch for these warning signs:

  • Poor braking response
  • Noises (squeaking, squealing, clicking, grinding)
  • Vibrating/pulsing when braking
  • ABS light is on
  • Power assist fails

The brakes are one of the most critical systems on your car or truck. Don’t ignore any of these signs. Make an appointment right away for professional brake services.

Can My Car AC System Be Serviced at Driver’s Edge?

Yes! Complete auto repair in Frisco means Driver’s Edge. Our auto shop’s car ac repair and inspection services include:

  • Test and record vent temperatures
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Gauge and record coolant pressure
  • Inspect compressor and all hose fittings
  • Run a performance test

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