Drive in for Exceptional Brake Service in Frisco, TX at Driver’s Edge

Come to Driver’s Edge auto repair shop in Frisco when you need expert brake service for your cars and trucks! Brake problems are not only inconvenient, they are also dangerous. Safety should always be number one on your list of priorities, so don’t delay. Drive in for routine inspections and let our technicians identify any lurking brake problems early.  

A Regular Schedule of Inspections Can Save Lives

A regular schedule of brake checks is usually every 6,000 miles or six months, depending on how much you drive. If you’re unsure of the schedule that is best for your vehicle, check with our brake specialists. They will work with you to set a personalized schedule based on your driving habits, as well as your car manufacturer’s recommendations. You may need more frequent checks if you use your car for business, or fewer checks if you only drive to the store once a week. 

Thorough Brake Inspections & Brake Repair

When you arrive at Driver’s Edge, you will find a complete list of brake services available. During a comprehensive brake inspection, our professional brake specialists will:

  • Replace brake pads and shoes
  • Assess the brake calipers and other related hardware
  • Check and machine the drums and rotors
  • Check fluid levels and refill, if necessary

Did you know that most brake failure is caused by owner neglect? Don’t be a statistic! Your routine inspections can identify issues like these early, which will prevent unnecessary and often deadly crashes. We can even set up a schedule of brake checks to coincide with your vehicle’s other maintenance checks, like an AC check and tire inspection. 

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Driving Habits That Affect Your Brakes

You can protect your brakes from unnecessary wear if you:

  • Avoid making quick, sharp stops 
  • Avoid following other vehicles too closely, which can lead to sudden stops that wear brakes
  • Don’t drive with one foot for both the brake and gas (automatic transmission) 
  • Don’t carry heavy loads in the trunk and backseat

It isn’t too late to start adopting better driving habits. Not only can these simple adjustments potentially save your brakes, but they can also extend the life of your vehicle!

You Need Brake Repair If You Notice….

  1. Squealing, thumping, grinding, or other strange noises
  2. Softness in the a brake pedal that depresses farther than normal
  3. Braking accompanied by vibration
  4. Yellow fluid leaking under the car
  5. Pulling to one side when braking
  6. A warning light on the dash Illuminates

No, these things can’t wait for a more convenient time. It’s easy to convince yourself it will be okay to wait until next week when you have more time or more money. But the longer you wait, the worse it can become. 

That’s why it’s important to have issues like these checked out right away. The safety of you, your family, and other drivers on the road depends on it. With so much on the line, our Driver’s Edge professionals can lighten your load by assessing the situation as soon as possible.

At Driver’s Edge, love helping our customers save money every time they come in for service. Our concierge service is FREE and it’s another great way we add value.

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