Auto repair in Irving, TX from the Experts at Driver’s Edge

Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service is your one-stop shop for professional tire and car repair services.

At Driver’s Edge, our team is committed to delivering top-quality customer service, in addition to providing the best tire and auto repair in Irving, TX. If you have any questions about our services, products, or repairs, our professional staff will be more than happy to answer them.  

Providing the #1 Auto Repair Service in the Area

You can trust Driver’s Edge to provide everything from oil changes and tire repairs to engine diagnostics, and so much more. Simply put, we are the best Irving auto repair shop and maintenance headquarters. At Driver’s Edge, our customers can expect honesty, trust, and a true commitment to solve your most complex auto needs. 

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Our Car Repair and Maintenance Services are Unrivaled

Driver’s Edge offers high-quality car maintenance that can’t be matched at any generic car dealership. Our regular maintenance checks and inspections will protect your car’s dependability and can increase your vehicle’s future resale value.

Tire services

Imagine this: your day is already planned out and tire problems weren’t on your to-do list. A flat tire can delay your entire day and derail your plans, while a blow out on the road can put you in danger, or worse. Don’t worry, we can help.

Driver’s Edge provides a full menu of tire services, including tire repair and inspection, tire rotation, wheel balancing and more. Our mechanics can repair the tire if possible, or help you pick out brand new tires for your vehicle.

Oil changes

The Driver’s Edge conventional oil change service includes:

  • Lubrication of your vehicle’s chassis
  • Replacement of up to five quarts (or less) of Valvoline 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil
  • Installation of a new oil filter
  • Free tire rotation upon request

Use your VIP card to start saving today and take advantage of our special oil change offer at $9.99. 

Car AC repair & diagnostics

No need to sit and sweat in a car with a faulty air conditioning system. Try out our expert auto air conditioning system service and repairs from Driver’s Edge which includes:

  • A performance test
  • Checks for leaks
  • Compressor checks
  • Tightening of hose and belt connections
  • AC recharges are also available

Schedule an appointment for your AC preventative maintenance check today!

Wait, there’s more…

Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service also includes:

  • Brake services
  • Brand new tires 
  • Tire repairs
  • Wheel balancing 
  • Diesel engine repairs 
  • Car battery service and replacement
  • Fluid filters
  • Belts and hoses
  • Winterizing
  • Wiper blades

Save Money at Driver’s Edge

We are committed to adding value whenever possible to help with car maintenance and repair. Our coupon page offers weekly specials on oil changes, fluid replacement, new tires, and other mechanical services. There are special promotions included from the top tire manufacturers like Goodyear, Firestone, Dunlop, and others, along with rebate programs.

Financing Options Now Available

The Driver’s Edge Credit Card

Our dedicated line of credit we offer for your car needs can provide the following benefits and more:

  • No annual fee
  • Promotional financing
  • Low monthly payments

Apply today for this Credit First National Association (CFNA) bank card here! Don’t wait, start saving right away with discounts on the services charged to your card. 

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Do Late-Model Cars Still Need Tune-ups?

Older cars (generally those built before 2000) still need the engine-based services traditionally performed with a tune-up. This would include parts such as the distributor cap, distributor rotor, spark plug wires, spark plugs, PCV valve, air filter, and fuel filter.

With newer cars, the definition of “tune-up” has changed to mean preventative maintenance. Regardless of the age of the car or truck, a tune-up is an overall inspection of the car with the goal of catching small problems early or replacing consumable parts on a regular schedule. Preventative maintenance is one of the most important ways you can get more life from your vehicle and avoid potentially expensive repairs or parts replacements down the road.

Driver’s Edge offers maintenance service packages at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Contact our Irving auto shop for recommendations on the schedule that’s right for your vehicle.

Do I Have To Go To The Dealership For My Warranty Work?

No. Your warranty cannot be voided for choosing another auto repair shop. In many cases, Driver’s Edge technicians have been trained by dealerships, so your car will receive service equal to if not better than at a dealership. Auto repair in Irving, TX at Driver’s Edge is your one-stop shop for all your car care!

Aren’t Oil Changes At A Quick-Change Shop Just As Good As At Driver’s Edge?

An oil change is a critical piece of your car care routine, so it’s important to trust it to the right auto repair shop. Faster oil change services often mean the oil being used isn’t a high-quality product, filters are generic, and the oil change is the only service being performed.

At Driver’s Edge, we use only high-quality Valvoline oil at the proper grade for your vehicle. Filters are specific and not multi-vehicle “universal” filters. Our mechanics are experienced auto shop professionals who will visually inspect other systems during an oil change. Don’t take a chance with this important service; choose the best oil change service in Irving at Driver’s Edge!

Do Driver’s Edge Mechanics Also Repair AC Systems?

Trust your vehicle to all car repair at Driver’s Edge in Irving. We will:

  • Test and record vent temperatures
  • Inspect the system for leaks
  • Gauge and record coolant pressure
  • Inspect all hose fittings and the compressor
  • Run a performance test

We can add this car AC repair and inspection to your other maintenance checks. And before you come in, check our coupons and specials page for great savings on your next service.

When Do I Need Brake Repair Services?

Regular brake inspections will eliminate most cases of emergency brake work. Watch for these red flags for brake problems:

  • Poor braking performance
  • Squealing, grinding, or other strange noises
  • Pulsation during braking
  • Clicking noises when braking
  • Grabbing
  • ABS light for antilock brakes is on
  • Loss of brake pedal function
  • Loss of power assist

Many times, brake repairs might involve simply replacing brake pads, shoes, and rotors. It’s also possible that brake failure is related to serious mechanical issues, such as the loss of fluid pressure. Book an appointment at our Irving location to have our brake experts inspect your brakes.

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