Car AC Repair & AC Services at Driver’s Edge in Plano

Plano drivers know a well-running car air conditioning system isn’t a luxury. It is a necessity here in Texas when you must be in your vehicle during the hottest parts of the year. The ASE-certified mechanics at Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service have the experience and training required to handle all of your automotive AC needs. Whether it is a simple recharge or a more complicated repair, your Plano AC experts are at Driver’s Edge!

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Preventative Car Maintenance is Key

The purchase of a vehicle is a major investment, so it is to your advantage to get the most value for the money spent. Our preventative maintenance packages include AC inspections designed to pinpoint problems before the system breaks down. Our mechanics will locate the source of the problem and repair it.

Our auto AC inspection includes:

  • Running a performance test
  • Testing and recording vent temperatures
  • Inspecting for visible leaks
  • Gauging and recording Freon pressure
  • Inspecting hose fittings and the compressor

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Auto Air Conditioning System Basics

The air conditioning system in modern vehicles is complex. Therefore, it is best to use a professional auto repair shop to service your car’s air conditioning system.

Every air conditioning system requires a specific amount of Freon. In general, a car can lose 10% to 15% of its Freon in a year. Our AC specialists will be able to determine how much Freon is left in your car’s system. It is also dangerous to add too much Freon because the compressor can be damaged. Hoses can burst, too. We can evacuate the system if necessary to recharge the AC so you can drive away in comfort.

Cabin Air Conditioning Filter Replacement

As with many systems in your car, the filters play an important role in optimum performance. The cabin AC filter, if clogged, causes the blower to work too hard. Eventually, it will overheat and fail completely.

Your natural response when this happens is to turn the AC up higher. The fuel economy then suffers, while the blower continues to be affected until it simply stops working.

Driver’s Edge will check your air cabin filter and replace it if necessary.

Concierge Service

The Driver’s Edge Concierge Service is a free program that recognizes the value of your time. We will pick up your car from your location (within three miles of Driver’s Edge) and return it to you after your scheduled services are completed. We hope this free service demonstrates our commitment to our customers by allowing you to maintain your schedule while your car is being serviced.

Your First Choice For Auto AC Repair In Plano

Driver’s Edge is the first choice for auto air conditioning repair for many drivers in the Plano area. We will ensure the inside of your car is as cool as it can get with our auto AC repair services.

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Plano Car AC Repair FAQ

When should I schedule auto AC repair?

When you’re driving in Plano, Texas, and your car’s AC system starts blowing warm air, it’s easy to come to a conclusion: your air conditioning system could use some professional attention. However, this isn’t the only AC-related red flag you might run into. Be aware of closely related issues like:

  • Unusual noises. Has your AC system been “clicking” or “rattling” lately? If that’s the case, your air conditioner may be dealing with anything from stuck debris to major condenser issues.
  • Inexplicable odors. Mold and mildew can quickly form in malfunctioning air conditioning systems that don’t get the AC auto repairs they need. To keep the air in your Plano-area car clean and pleasant, it’s worth your effort to keep up on these services.
  • A damp cabin. Your car’s AC system doesn’t just keep the cabin cool—it functions as a dehumidifier, and the water it collects drains under the vehicle. When a vehicle’s AC goes on the fritz, that water may be forced back into the cabin, potentially causing mold growth.

Can I do car AC repairs on my own?

If you’re a particularly self-reliant Plano resident, you may view auto repairs (including AC repairs) as an exciting challenge to overcome. Despite this, we discourage the vast majority of people living in this part of Texas from trying to fix their own car AC systems by themselves. The reason: auto AC repair is more complex than ever these days.

Fortunately, you don’t need to fix your own car’s AC. Instead, bring your car to our auto shop in Plano for excellent service at an affordable cost (which you can reduce even further with our online coupons!).

How often do I need a car AC recharge?

Unlike some auto components, car air conditioning systems don’t have a predetermined service schedule. However, if you remember the signs of AC trouble listed above, you shouldn’t have trouble telling when this component needs attention. From there, simply take your car to Driver’s Edge whenever you spot AC problems. As soon as you do, we’ll get your vehicle’s air conditioning system back in shape.

What car AC repairs do you offer in Plano?

Our team of ASE-certified mechanics can provide all the AC services you’re looking for. That includes:

  • Careful AC inspections
  • AC recharge service
  • Repairs for leaks in your system
  • Other AC repairs

There’s a reason why Plano residents have trusted Driver’s Edge for AC service and other auto maintenance tasks for over a decade. If your AC needs attention, let our crew handle the job!

Does my AC filter need regular replacement?

Your AC filter is a key component in the system as a whole—it keeps contaminants out of the air in your car’s cabin. These contaminants include dirt, pollen, and dust.

However, the AC filter (like other filters in your car) won’t last forever. Eventually, it will get clogged, forcing the rest of the system to work harder to compensate. If left unchecked, this could lead to motor burnout—but there’s an easy way to keep your AC system running at 100%.

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