Air Filter Change

Filters play a crucial role in the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. Every filter needs to be as clean as possible to prevent dirt particles or other contaminants from entering your fuel, engine or air conditioning systems.

Filters can become clogged and contaminated – even from normal use – causing rough driving. To protect all of the systems in your vehicle, new filters are essential. Trust the experts at Driver’s Edge to perform your filter replacements and keep your vehicle driving optimally. An air filter’s function is to catch the harmful contaminants that could enter your vehicle’s engine and negatively affect its performance.

Clean air filters can rescue your engine from damage and potentially expensive repairs. They improve your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, provide protection from dust and dirt and prevent damage to oxygen sensors while protecting the engine and its components. When your air filter becomes clogged or dirty, your vehicle may experience reduced engine performance, increased engine wearing and a significantly diminished throttle response.

We recommend replacing your air filter as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Driver’s Edge checks your air filter with every oil change.

Air Filter Change
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