What Your Auto Mechanic Wants You to Know about Car Repair

what to know about car repairs

No one looks forward to heading to an auto repair shop for car repairs, but when you need an auto mechanic, it’s important to be informed about your own vehicle and what you can expect from automotive repair in general.

We rely on auto mechanics for our car repair needs, but not all auto service shops have mechanics who hold certifications that tell you your car or truck is being repaired by an expert. Here are some tips from the ASE-certified Driver’s Edge mechanics that can help you keep your vehicle in top working condition and how to make sure you get the best auto repair.

Educate Yourself About Your Vehicle

Other than the key to your shiny new ride, the owner’s manual for your car is the most valuable tool given to you when you buy your car. The owner’s manual will outline the major components that make the car run and how to get the most out of driving it. 

You don’t need to study your manual, but do take time to read all the way through it. You’ll find recommendations on everything from how much air pressure you should maintain in your tires to how often you should have your oil changed. Also make sure to review what all of the lights on your dashboard indicate when they light up. And, if and when you notice one, take your vehicle to your auto mechanic as soon as you can. Some indicator lights are alerting you to required maintenance, but others may be pointing to a more serious issue. Having your car or truck checked promptly may save you more expensive auto repair costs later on.

Know Your Warranty

After you read the owner’s manual, read through your car’s warranty. What are its limits? Who must do the service? As a car ages, a variety of issues can come up which will require repairs or even parts that will need to be replaced.

Which ones are covered under your warranty? If you don’t know, you might end up paying for them yourself or you might expect them to be covered when they aren’t. Service records show that owner neglect is a major cause of auto wear and breakdowns. If you don’t maintain your vehicle, you may be voiding your warranty. 

Many drivers also believe all manufacturer maintenance has to be done at the dealership in order to be covered. Not true. Your local Driver’s Edge can take care of all of the maintenance that will meet the requirements of your warranty. Plus you can build up a working relationship with your mechanic, which also helps in the long run. 

DIY Repairs

You can take care of a few maintenance items yourself, such as replacing your own windshield wiper blades. But for most auto service or repair tasks, it’s best to go ahead and make an appointment at Driver’s Edge. Today’s vehicles have sophisticated systems that require specialized expertise and diagnostic tools to properly service.

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll identify what’s causing your issues and whether you need repairs, or make recommendations for maintenance tasks that will help your vehicle run better and last longer. 

Your Driving Habits Show Up in the Repair Shop

Your mechanic can tell a lot about your driving habits by the condition of your vehicle. Those habits lead to a longer-than-necessary list of repairs when your car is inspected. 

Do you drive with one foot on the brake pedal all the time? Your brakes will wear more quickly driving this way.  Following too closely, resulting in quick stops and starts, affects your brakes, too, and also causes engine overheating. Screeching away when a light turns green stresses the transmission. Hitting speed bumps at the speed limit can ruin the suspension as well as the alignment. Running into curbs does, too. 

All of these habits can be controlled, especially if you know the damage you are doing to your vehicle. Sometimes saving money can be accomplished by not doing something!

Don’t Hold Back on The Details 

Before you bring your car or truck in for repairs, give some thought to exactly what the symptoms are. Then be prepared to discuss it in as much detail as possible with the mechanic or service staff. The more information they have, the faster they can pinpoint the problem. 

“It died this morning on my way to work,” describes what happened but doesn’t give the mechanic much to go on. It would help to know, for instance, what speed you were traveling when the car died, or whether there were any strange noises, vibrations, or dashboard lights on. 

Not All Repair Shops Are the Same

Full-service repair shops like Driver’s Edge can deal with just about anything you bring them. Just don’t expect that at all shops. Some work only on imports, while others specialize in certain makes and models of cars. The downside to this is wasting time to find out which shop is right for you. 

Customer service is one area that distinguishes shops like Driver’s Edge. We realize how we handle your job today is the key to the future for both your return business and our shop. Superior customer service isn’t done as an afterthought. It is central to a quality shop.

All of this is another reason to establish a working relationship with a mechanic and a repair shop, like your local Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service.

Treat Your Auto Repair Shop and Mechanics Like Partners

Any partnership brings strengths to the task. Repairs on your vehicles will be done with all that training and experience working for you. Here are some ways to strengthen that partnership–and ways that won’t.

  • Give them all those details about the problem discussed earlier. Then, let them take over. You are paying for all that knowledge; take advantage of it.
  • Don’t assume you know what the problem is and ask that they focus only on that.
  • Talk to them. Feel free to call and ask questions or get clarification on an issue with your car. Over time your car will have a record of repairs and maintenance they can review. (Another reason to build up a relationship with a repair shop and mechanic!)
  • Don’t bring in your own parts and ask that they use those. This is a liability issue, plus they want to stand behind every aspect of the repair.
  • After the auto diagnostic service process, discuss–and understand–what needs to be done and how much it might cost before any work is started. 
  • Let the service staff know if you have a strict timeline for an extensive repair. 
  • If you aren’t happy, speak up. Respectfully. Discuss the problem and your expectations with them. 


Driver’s Edge Complete Tire & Auto Service stands ready to partner with you in the care of all your vehicles. The shop and all its personnel want to use their professional training and experience to work for you.


Call or use the online appointment tool to begin our partnership!